HI-Christmas Island

Now a brief return to Hawaii while the Catalina gets some much needed general refitting to kill ‘Gremlins’ vs what should be a standard ‘pre-flight’ delivery checklist …

So next up is a single-handed delivery of Linda Pasquariello’s S&S 34 “Yemeya” from Hawaii to Christmas Island.  Its a business transaction to enable re-possesion of her yacht ~ return to Hawaii to retrieve it from Australia where she’s been working is quite difficult politically and visa-wise – use your imagination…

Then its the end of the line regarding S&S 34’s for me – I sold “Gitano” last year and have bought a Sparkman & Stephens Swan 38 – “Gitana Banou 2” – (watch this space come June 1st ’17.)

Ironic that Christmas Island will serve as my rounding mark north of the equator for my next solo round the world record to meet the ‘World Sailing Speed Record Council’s’ rules for minimum distance requirements of 22,700-miles…

The youngest nonstop solo circumnavigator – 16-year-old Jessica Watson used it as her ‘race rounding mark’ as well 😉



Next up a break from the San Diego boat that will enable some non-preflight yacht delivery prep but rather general refitting while I move an S&S 34 from Hawaii to Christmas Island…

On the flight to Honolulu I couldn’t believe it…SOOO cool !!! – to sit next to my neighbor Juan Oliphant from Haleiwa #OneOceanDiving on my flight back to Hawaii yesterday and chat for hours about sharks and marine conservation !!! 😉 Invited out on a dive with him and #OceanDRamsey !



Found the Gremlin

Found the salt water ingress culprit separate from the disemboweled fresh water tank: Unreal ~ a very small screw hole straight into the boats interior…at rest water stops..at speed starts sucking in like water ballast on my Mini 650 to fill when snorkel deployed.. crazy, now I’ve seen it all…good news though, not the keel!




Keel, hull joint started leaking abit too much for comfort already seventy miles out and issues with the steering system/autopilot and the whole freshwater tank emptied into bilge from a broken plumbing fitting…so came back, hauling boat tomorrow and getting sorted…Just an older cruising boat that sat too long at the dock unused. Like the human body boats needs to be used to stay in good shape – use it or loose it!

San Diego-Hawaii

Next in a week like my 43rd trans-Pacific run back to Hawaii aboard the Catalina 40 ‘ShellMe’ with another one of my geo-seismic co-skippers I worked with in the Arctic Circle a few years ago.

Mereidi Liebner is a Alaskan native and an enormously experienced 500-ton captain thats done it all – tugboats, glacier tours, AB work, commercial fishing vessels, worked in Russia on research vessels…etc etc.

Mereidi was the night shift skipper of the hydro-jet driven cable boat ‘Polaris 2’ in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska when we surveyed the seafloor for French company CGG VERITAS.

Ironically, YO (from last two ‘Runaway’ deliveries) was day shift skipper of ‘Polaris 2’! Meanwhile, I was the night skipper of ‘Polaris 4’ 😉

Joining us is Mereidi’s boyfriend ‘Eph’ – an alpine snowboarder that works in the remote Alaskan wilderness – another epic team !!







What would you do if you could not fail?

Re-Print of the book previously titled ‘The Courage Companion’ – now titled:

“What would you do if you know you could not fail?”

*Below: click your mouse on book cover to open a sample / the first page of my chapter but be sure to buy it to read other amazing stories Nina & Mary have compiled to inspire us!


These words, attributed to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, have inspired tens of millions to face their fears and dare to follow their hearts. This can-do compendium is a veritable tool kit for transforming readers from reticent to role model.”

-From the authors of Living Life as a Thank You, this volume presents true stories of ordinary people with extraordinary fortitude. Authors Mary Beth Sammons and Nina Lesowitz have gone to the front lines of adversity and fear to surface the brave hearts who took action before they were forced to, confronting and overcoming their fears in inspirational ways.

From world-class athletes, to spiritual teachers, to cancer patients, to ordinary people who took extraordinary action to transform their lives, these courage warriors teach readers to turn apprehension into action…

Enriched with motivational quotes and power practices, this courage guidebook advises how to live life with guts and gusto. Readers learn to face and transform their fear, apply the art of tenacity when times are tough, embrace the lessons and gifts of a crisis that lead to personal growth, and simple, effective, and proven methods for confidence and courage.