Whats Next?

‘Mexorc Race’ in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico mid-March aboard the Andrews 70 ‘Runaway’ then deliver her to LA. Then possible San Diego to Hawaii delivery of a cruising boat before most likely sailing Hawaii to Australia again on the same route I just did with “Checkmate” but aboard my Swan 38 “Gitana Banu”!


Missile Scare Hawaii

The ballistic missile scare I was awoken to in Hawaii yesterday reminded me of a yacht delivery to the Marshall Islands. While scary I had some degree of confidence our ‘THAAD’ (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) interceptor would knock it out of the sky… although it was a very LONG nine-minute wait for impact … either for incineration or salvation – 50/50 chance!

I witnessed a successful test of the system in the west Pacific years back while I loitered in the drop zone…click on this link for the blog about that trip: https://wp.me/p1pcMc-j

SD-Auz done & dusted: Checkmate!

Lightning strikes twice..i take that back, multiple times… Back to my adopted homeland of Australia once again aboard the Peterson 50 “Checkmate” with epic near 200 mile per day averages for 6,500-nautical miles.

Along with two quick pitstops in Hawaii and Tonga equals one fantastic sleighride south while exiting the northern hemisphere winter and entering the start of the southern hemisphere cyclone season …

…Ironic it was a big goal to never get beaten in chess the whole route due to the name of the boat.. and with ten wins and three stalemates vs Thomas and Alma I succeeded !!