HI-Christmas Island

So next up is a single-handed delivery of Linda Pasquariello’s S&S 34 “Yemeya” from Hawaii to Christmas Island.  Its a business transaction to enable re-possesion of her yacht ~ return to Hawaii to retrieve it from Australia where she’s been working is quite difficult politically and visa-wise – use your imagination…

Then its the end of the line regarding S&S 34’s for me – I sold “Gitano” last year and have bought a Sparkman & Stephens Swan 38 – “Swan”!

Ironic that Christmas Island will serve as my rounding mark north of the equator for my next solo round the world record to meet the ‘World Sailing Speed Record Council’s’ rules for minimum distance requirements of 22,700-miles…

The youngest nonstop solo circumnavigator – 16-year-old Jessica Watson used it as her ‘race rounding mark’ as well 😉

Tracking for my delivery:  https://share.delorme.com/BrianCaldwell



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