San Diego-Hawaii

Next in a week like my 43rd trans-Pacific run back to Hawaii aboard the Catalina 40 ‘ShellMe’ with another one of my geo-seismic co-skippers I worked with in the Arctic Circle a few years ago.

Mereidi Liebner is a Alaskan native and an enormously experienced 500-ton captain thats done it all – tugboats, glacier tours, AB work, commercial fishing vessels, worked in Russia on research vessels…etc etc.

Mereidi was the night shift skipper of the hydro-jet driven cable boat ‘Polaris 2’ in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska when we surveyed the seafloor for French company CGG VERITAS.

Ironically, YO (from last two ‘Runaway’ deliveries) was day shift skipper of ‘Polaris 2’! Meanwhile, I was the night skipper of ‘Polaris 4’ 😉

Joining us is Mereidi’s boyfriend ‘Eph’ – an alpine snowboarder that works in the remote Alaskan wilderness – another epic team !!





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