Revolution Year: ’17

What a revolutionary year 2017 is turning out to be…

-Sold S&S 34 two weeks – 98% paid (June 1st or before in full) Swan 38  ‘Gitana Banou 2’.

-Yacht deliveries: Rio to Antigua, BVI-Florida, San Diego to Hawaii, Hawaii to Christmas Island, Hawaii to Sydney & Hawaii to LA via Equador: Hawaii-Tahiti-Easter Island-Equador-Galapagoes, Mexico-LA!

– While announcing a new world record attempt in series with the MOD Globe Race 2019 one-design nonstop solo around the world race from Sydney to Sydney shortly!

On that note a blast from the recent past: Clip from Fremantle-Bali Race steering Jon Sander’s S&S 39  ‘Perie-Banou 2′ under kite while drying laundry 😉  PS:  Jon is currently halfway thru his 10th circumnavigation…and I think I’ve been busy ?!  Everything is ‘relative’ lol…


One thought on “Revolution Year: ’17

  1. Aloha Brian, Good to see you’ve been busy. We sold Kalayaan a couple years ago. We are living comfortably on the Big Island, missing sailing, but spending nearly every day on the water paddling/racing OC-6 canoes. Good luck.

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