What would you do if you could not fail?

Re-Print of the book previously titled ‘The Courage Companion’ – now titled:

“What would you do if you know you could not fail?”

*Below: click your mouse on book cover to open a sample / the first page of my chapter but be sure to buy it to read other amazing stories Nina & Mary have compiled to inspire us!


These words, attributed to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, have inspired tens of millions to face their fears and dare to follow their hearts. This can-do compendium is a veritable tool kit for transforming readers from reticent to role model.”

-From the authors of Living Life as a Thank You, this volume presents true stories of ordinary people with extraordinary fortitude. Authors Mary Beth Sammons and Nina Lesowitz have gone to the front lines of adversity and fear to surface the brave hearts who took action before they were forced to, confronting and overcoming their fears in inspirational ways.

From world-class athletes, to spiritual teachers, to cancer patients, to ordinary people who took extraordinary action to transform their lives, these courage warriors teach readers to turn apprehension into action…

Enriched with motivational quotes and power practices, this courage guidebook advises how to live life with guts and gusto. Readers learn to face and transform their fear, apply the art of tenacity when times are tough, embrace the lessons and gifts of a crisis that lead to personal growth, and simple, effective, and proven methods for confidence and courage.


Revolution Year: ’17

What a revolutionary year 2017 is turning out to be…

-Sold S&S 34 two weeks – 98% paid (June 1st or before in full) Swan 38  ‘Gitana Banou 2’.

-Yacht deliveries: Rio to Antigua, BVI-Florida, San Diego to Hawaii, Hawaii to Christmas Island, Hawaii to Sydney & Hawaii to LA via Equador: Hawaii-Tahiti-Easter Island-Equador-Galapagoes, Mexico-LA!

– While announcing a new world record attempt in series with the MOD Globe Race 2019 one-design nonstop solo around the world race from Sydney to Sydney shortly!

On that note a blast from the recent past: Clip from Fremantle-Bali Race steering Jon Sander’s S&S 39  ‘Perie-Banou 2′ under kite while drying laundry 😉  PS:  Jon is currently halfway thru his 10th circumnavigation…and I think I’ve been busy ?!  Everything is ‘relative’ lol…