Hobart 2015

Looking to be a second withdrawal out of seven Sydney Hobart starts…the nature of extreme sport such as F1 and racing the New South Wales Coast and Bass Straight on yachts…We sprung a big leak in the southerly upwind gale and bailed with buckets brigades just keeping up. Made Jarvis Bay, anchored, and repaired main electric bilge pump. Seems a board in the wood hull of this eighty year old beauty or underwater at the base of the mast…as still leaking at anchor if abit slower than while we were pounding upwind into forty plus knots of wind and chaotic seas. Anyway, prudent to make the right call, sad but often the nature of the beast with this race as twenty four some odd other withdrawals this edition and counting including a lost rudder aboard “Daredevil”, broken steering aboard “Takani”, a broken leg aboard “Blackjack”, race favorite “Wild Oats” ripping their mainsail in half…even race leaders “Comanche” and “Rambler” with some sort of rudder and dagger board damage…The Hobart is truly an addictive and seductive bitch siren song of an ocean race…as Mark Richards, skipper of “Wild Oats” said…you get thrown off the horse, you jump right back on, it’s the nature of mechanical sport, only three hundred and sixty four sleeps till the next race…


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