Standbye Haleiwa, North Shore

My S&S 34 “Gitano Banou” and Linda aboard her S&S 34 “Yemaya” are now both in Haleiwa…3 X S&S 34’s now on the North Shore of Hawaii…The West Australian built S&S 34 “Stray Bit” is hauled out here, which I delivered from Australia to Hawaii in 2000 (which later went on a solo circumnavigation with my ex-Natasza Caban.

Linda and my UK built S&S 34 sisterships of Sr. Edward Heath’s 1969 Overall Sydney Hobart Winner “Morning Cloud” make it three…I’ve thus officially crossed the entire Pacific from San Francisco to Australia (already;) aboard an S&S 34 wink emoticon…life is so full of irony, more pics soon…PS: ‘Pipeline’ is 3 miles away and winter is a coming!





Crazy El Nino year has not only created a record number of hurricanes (#14 and counting in the east and central Pacific – see below) which have been missing Hawaii but its also vastly increased the diameter of the doldrums south of us – along with generating southerly winds which are being pulled up to the Equator.

Thus, we’ve decided to hold out till early next year once cyclone season finishes below the Equator come March – before proceeding onto Australia.  Haleiwa, on the North Shore of Oahu is the current base of operations 😉,-158.169,242





New friend on the North Shore 😉


One thought on “Standbye Haleiwa, North Shore

  1. Brian – how did delivery to LA go with dos femmes? Dock sicks has at least 1/2 doz. vacancies . . . and very quiet . . . Southernaire . . .

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