4th ‘MOD Globe’ 2019 race entry!

A new race entry for my One design nonstop S&S 34 around the world race from Sydney to Sydney in 2019…another Australian, Andy Burnip – a little background from him below!


Hi Brian, this sounds like a fantastic opportunity and will maintain S&S 34 as the yacht that has seen more single handed, non-stop voyages than any other vessel.

I’ve put a few notes below which I hope is ok.

“My first half-serious experience of sailing was only 3 years ago when I had decided I wanted to learn some basic sailing skills before buying a boat. My dream has always been to sail oceans, rather than around the cans. I did my 5 day live-abord Competent Crew course on a S&S 34 and love affair started…

Within 6 weeks of finishing the course I was sailing my new boat Mendana down the east coast of Australia, some 700 miles to Melbourne from Lake Macquarie near Newcastle…This trip gave me a taste for ocean passages and since arriving in Melbourne she has been through a continuous cycle of Prep/Provisioning—–Passage——-Clean up/repairs.

As for me, I was born in Berlin to a British Army officer, spent most of my childhood in the water in places like Aden, Belize, Mombassa, Cyprus and Singapore. Moving to the early eighties and having been in my first full time job for just 6 months my employer offered me a posting to Dubai. After a year in Dubai I spent 12 months back in London learning Arabic before taking on a role in Yemen…In this role I travelled to extremely remote places, not visited by foreigners.

During my first week in Yemen I was having a snack in a restaurant in Huth (this is where the Huthy rebels are from) and spent an hour with my colleague under a wooden table while bullets flew around outside the restaurant-Windows breaking and things falling off shelves etc ..Apparently the battle was a regular occurrence-the result of a family feud that had been going on for years. Whilst in those days we did not have ISIS, the Yemen was very tribal…I’ve been the subject of AK47 target practice on several occasions, locked up as a suspected Zionist spy for 3 days near the Saudi border, kidnapped by tribal leaders for two days and much more…

Having been lucky enough to have done some exciting stuff that few people could imagine, I see the opportunity to race my boat around the world solo, yet in the company of other S&S 34s as a once in a lifetime chance to test this adventurous spirit with my new found passion, the sea.”

– Andy

Meanwhile, the other race entry Linda Pasquariello (below) leaving solo to Hawaii end of the week and I might be racing her, a sort of ‘MOD Prologue’…stay tuned!




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