Sydney Hobart 2014

UPDATE: Nick Canner the owner hospitalized thus forced withdrawal from race and our team finding rides on alternate race entries…

Next up Sydney Hobart 2014 aboard an S&S 34 with none other than Bill Ratcliff, one of only five people to have completed 45 Sydney Hobart races!  Between me (5) and Liv Coyne (2) we have 52 Hobart races on the odometer!…More details and finalized crew as we approach Boxing Day (the start;)


MOD Globe Race 2019-’20

A 3rd confirmed entry for the ‘Monohull One-Design Race’ – the first ‘one-design nonstop solo around the world race’ on the 50th anniversary of the S&S 34 debut in 1969!

START: September 2019 from Sydney-Sydney via turning mark of Honolulu, Hawaii.

ENTRIES: Brian Caldwell, Linda Pasquariello, Derek Desaunois + (potential 4th Italian entry)

…The idea for the first ‘one-design’ nonstop solo around the world race stemmed from Brian’s frustration of mounting costs of disposable ‘prototype’ multi-million designs of the nonstop solo Vendee Globe race. The idea was for a race infinitely more accessible to the layman aboard vastly proven designs with competitive one-design while remaining ‘sustainable’.  A race where it would come down to the sailor vs the machine and where ‘elderly but seaworthy boat design doesn’t invalidate a chance of winning the next event… The idea was given birth during his yacht delivery of the S&S 34 “Stray Bit” from Southport, Australia to Hawaii in 1999 and presented to the S&S 34 Association in Perth, Western Australia in 2000…

We’re proud to announce the new depart of September 2019 for the race which is the 50th anniversary of the S&S 34’s debut in 1969…starting and finishing from Sydney!

The S&S 34 is the most proven offshore production yacht ever built with five nonstop solo circumnavigations to credit…a world record with every ‘lap’ of the planet to boot that includes multiple youngest solo circumnavigators along with Jon Sanders – the first to ‘double lap’ nonstop & solo…not forgetting the current youngest nonstop solo circumnavigator – 16-year old Australian Jessica Watson!”:

Now a third entry – the Dutchman Derek Desaunois! He is one interesting and talented sailor…! His story deserves illustration thus I’m including his reply to me below:

“Hi Brian,

Born in the Netherlands 20 june 1961.  I started sailing with the Sea Scouts at the age of 12, and knew within a couple of years I wanted to be a shipwright. At 16 I got an apprenticeship with Jongert Shipyards, which were just about to break into the Superyacht market with their very luxurious sailing yachts of 70 feet and over. I worked their for 10 years. In this period build two 27 foot sailing yachts for my self and sailed them around the Dutch coast and lakes and occasionally over to the UK.

In 1982 I sailed from Holland to New York and back with 5 friends on a Tayana 42. Crewed for two Azores and back races on a swan 391 and also shorter races around Holland. In 1987, after 10 years at the yard, I quite my job, backpacked to Australia, with the ultimate goal to sail the Sydney to Hobart. Never got to do it but happened to be at Darling Harbour, Sydney, at the finish of the Tall Ships Race and jumped on board of a yacht that was about to leave for the UK, via Cape Horn. No electricity or engine on board (for a 100 foot yacht). An awesome voyage, on which I learned a lot. (Like patience in the doldrums!)

After arriving in the UK, I traveled to the South of France, where it didn’t take me long the get a job as deck hand on a Superyacht. I worked on various vessels (all sailing yachts), from 70 to 160 foot. Over a period of 12 years, I worked my way up to Mate and eventually Master. More Atlantic crossings than I care to remember a few Pacific crossings and the last vessel- a 110 foot schooner “Aschanti IV we took around the world over a period of 3 years.

At the end of 2001 I went ashore here in Cairns. Picked up my old profession of Shipwright.  Sailing got a bit on the back burner and I got more into adventure racing, Ironman, hiking etc. A bit of dinghy sailing at the yacht club with my youngest daughter.

I bought ‘Ciella’, my S&S 34 four years ago, sailed it locally for a year and then spend 2,5 years replacing the complete interior.  She is back in the water and between sailing locally, I am still working on her. My next project is to make a hard dodger. Not as big a Jessica Watson’s, but the same size as my present dodger, just running further aft for more protection.

As my personal situation: I am married, with 2 daughters, age 15 and13. My wife has always known that I bought the boat with the idea to, some day, sail around the world, possibly non-stop and single handed.  Doing it as a race, makes the reasoning even stronger. When I first heard about your race, I believe you had a date set for 2014. As my kids are still young, I knew it wasn’t an option. 2019 works perfectly. Simple as that.  Ciella is in a good condition, with a new engine and a brand new interior. I have glassed-in watertight bulkheads in the aftship storage – so no water can go from the storage lockers into the interior- and a glassed-in storage cum crash box in the fore ship. Still have a small list of wants, but with 4,5 years to go, Ciella will be ready.

How serious am I? This is something I wanted to do for a long time and your announcement for 2019 is the catalyst. My wife and I had long conversations about this the last few days, but she didn’t need convincing. Her words ” Since I got to know you I knew you’re going to do this some day”. Yes, you can use me in your blog. Barring any disasters between now and then, I’m in. And that rum better be Mount Gay.

Let me know if you need more info, photo’s etc…”