ORCA GREEN joins us like FLIR as a new ‘Technical Sponsor’ with their exceptional masthead-LED LXTA-SP tricolor/anchor/strobe light which I first used on my last boat – the Albin Vega 27 – ‘ISIS’, which I bought in Fiji and cruised to Australia via Vanuatu and New Caledonia. The light proved invincible (just like the later story of ‘ISIS’ when she survived the Bundaberg floods/along with her LXTA-SP ORCA mast light).  On one occasion the ORCA light memorably outshone over fifty luxury cruising boats on anchor in New Caledonia even though it burns almost no voltage…! …I was so happy with the low profile, light, extremely bright and water-tight unit that we installed another aboard Linda Pasquariello’s Pearson 10m ‘Yemaya’ with which she sailed solo from Monterey California to Bundaberg, Australia two years ago! Once again, after we sold both our previous boats (‘Yemaya’ & ‘ISIS’) in Australia for a profit – which enabled us to acquire our dream boats back in the US (Sparkman & Stephen 34 sister-ships) – we’ve again installed the same mast light LXTA-SP ORCA combos aboard both boats before our next solo racing adventures…!

ORCA GREEN MARINE: “…In 2004, OGM introduced the first USCG approved LED Navigation lights and set the standard for others to follow. Our early customers were the circumnavigators, the Navy Seals and those cruising the oceans far from port all around the world. Our customers have logged more sea time than most and many come back when they get a new boat. We appreciate our customers and have always built our products based on feedback from them. Back then, we set the standard for LED Navigation Lights. Ten years later, we’re about to do it again…” Innovation. American. Style. http://orcagreenmarine.com/ orca1 isis4

ISIS before the Bundaberg floods here leaving Port Vila, Vanuatu bound for New Caledonia while racing James Finan aboard my previous ‘liquid mistress’ – the Contessa 26 ‘Maimitivavau’…with which I’d sailed around the world aboard…enough irony for you ?!…ISIS ended up beating Maitmitivavau to New Caledonia by several hours after the three hundred nautical mile run!


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