jen edney

Next yacht delivery route shifted from Hawaii to Seattle instead of San Francisco and set for May 1st. Three years ago, I did the same route back to back the same summer – one full crewed aboard a Catalina 47 with none other than ocean racing photographer protigy Jen Edney before delivering a Cape George 36 on the same route solo…great pics of the trip with Jen here: https://bjcaldwell.wordpress.com/2011/06/

Otherwise, several major announcements regarding plan changes regarding my Mini 650, Sydney Hobart and ‘MOD Globe’ (S&S 34 mono one-design nonstop solo around the world race) shortly!

…Meanwhile we re currently replacing all 1970 vintage chainplates on Linda Pasquariello’s S&S 34 after installing two new ‘Lunasea’ interior LED cabin-lighting suites on both boats, two new ‘Solar-land’ 55-watt solar panel set-ups from Rob Tryon, new standing rigging on Linda’s before replacing my thru hulls after the delivery touch wood if there’s enough time…!

So the third week of April catch the quicksilver to Hawaii to do the Hawaii-Seattle delivery before my next geo-seismic job in Mexico starting mid-June…standbye for new racing plans!


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