Multiple Upcoming Yacht Deliveries

Anyone keen to join several upcoming yacht deliveries this year as a possible ‘extra’ potential crew message us! No experience needed other than a sense of humor and to watch for ships and squalls – we have our ‘core’ professional team! Just seeing who’s out there i can train for voyages to come!



3 thoughts on “Multiple Upcoming Yacht Deliveries

  1. Hello BJ Caldwell Just in case you are interested my partner and I have acquired MaiMitaVavau from Phil last year she is sitting in my back yard at the moment being restored just about to repaint the interior and refit one bulkhead. I have a few photos available but she looks pretty much the same as being sunken. so as the kiwis say she is beached as. I notice on your original photo that you have a ventilation box before the mast?

    1. Heard about it all from James, glad to hear she ll have a new life – she s one very tough gal !!! Yeah there was a ventilation box in front of the mast from the owner before me, don t know how much good it did though other than take up valuable deck real-estate 😉

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