Delivery Japan to Australia


Departed Osaka Japan aboard the Reich Pugh 45 Optimus Prime with Jon Sanders and Linda Pasquariello and had perfect 200 mile day before forestay exploded and we returned for repairs while nearly to our second 200 mile day…ashame as it was only fifteen knots of wind and the owner and his son had also broken the forestay on their double handed Melbourne Osaka race…seems to be a bit of a design fault…but nonetheless a very fast boat often doing 9 knots speed in only 12 knots of breeze close reaching…with still over a thousand miles to go often upwind to Saipan it was quite prudent to fix it still in striking distance of Japan without any tension left on either the back stay and forestay…:(

Below some GoPro footage of surfing while drying some laundry after the 45 knot gale on the Fremantle Bali race:

And Linda’s blog:
Japan on OP, not the rum.





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