Melbourne Osaka “Optimus Prime” Update

The boat, Jon, Linda & I are delivering is going well as you can see below – check out their awesome updates on the Melbourne Osaka race website!

Osaka Cup: Optimus Prime -on to the Equator.
Tuesday update from Trevor and Dan.


Thanks again to those of you that replied to my last set of ramblings and wishing us luck with Plan A.

The guy that sold me and the guy that fitted the dunny were surprised that it wasn’t working. The reason we stopped using it was because it wasn’t sucking the doggies doos away. It would send in the water but not wash away the ……. well you get the picture. The end result was I had to catch and release into a bucket and then throw it out over the side. It wasn’t quite so bad looking after my own mess but when I had to do Dan’s as well one morning it was time for us to start using the “Disney” method. However, on reading of the surprise from those in the know that it wasn’t working properly I decided to have another go at using it and did a number of flushing practice runs. All appeared to be in working order ready for the big test whenever it was next required. When the time came I decided to deal with it like a footy game though with a flush at quarter, half and three quarter time and then a double flush at the finish of proceedings. Whilst we got there in the end there were some anxious moments along the way. Anyway, we will persevere until the bucket has to come out again. Sitting back relaxed rather than hanging on tight is a much more comfortable way to start the day.”

Optimus Prime


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