Follow the sun west it is

Summer schedule confirmed – flying to deliver a boat from Fiji to Australia April 2nd, then do the Fremantle to Bali race with Jon Sanders and Linda Pasquariello – then the three if us deliver a 49ft racing boat from Osaka Japan to Cocos Keeling – busy busy 😉


Aquatic forks in the road

Had a blast showing around my French mate Vincent in San Francisco and did the Island Race aboard the Santa Cruz 70 Holua after the Class 40 had a engine problem before the start. Windy race with 30k nearly through-out and unfortunately someone died when one of the boats lost it’s rudder and washed up on one of the Channel Islands…

We went on to finish 2nd overall and while it was interesting I have to go on the record in saying I prefer much smaller boats such as the mini 650 or multihull for the smaller loads, less crew etc. I just don’t ever really fancy a traditional spinnaker pole set-up, I am truly spoiled on the mini with the rotating sprit and asym spinnakers 😉

Next up a decision whether to go do the Fremantle to Bali Race and then a yacht delivery from Japan to Cocos Keeling with Jon Sanders or do a Mini Fastnet or two which is at the same time…tough decision!

Meanwhile, I have currenty been working on a Gunboat style catamaran in San Diego the last few weeks to earn some $ for the war-chest…

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I can do this year’s premiere Pacific Mini Transpac race due to the fact that my summer Arctic geo-seismic work has been delayed to next summer. This had previously prevented me from entering due to the work schedule and now the change in plans means it is too late.

No matter, I’ll likely have a go at the next when there’s more competitors and the race is better established. I’m drowning with great opportunities anyways…

I just have to choose which next fork in the road to take! Perhaps I should flip a coin ~ but the question is ~ in ‘what’ international currency ?!

Go east or west ?! … Australia or France, literaly 😉

Below the new Morrelli Melvin cat I’m working on:



And good times with my French mate and CGG Veritas co-worker Vincent Kerbouriou whom I also raced against in last year’s UK Mini Fastnet.

Below: ‘Vincent le Terrible’, ‘Tiki Bj’ (me) & ‘Meerkat’ (Linda Pasquariello) on our grand tour of San Francisco bay…on this night with ‘Water-spout’ Sherry Smith at Smitty’s Bar in Sausalito!