San Francisco


Back among friends from our travels many of whom are based in the wonderful aquatic sailing base of San Francisco Bay!  Adam Correa above who is a single-handed transpac race vet and with whom double-handed with me on the yacht delivery of a Dufour 45 last year from Hawaii to Australia is one of many new neighbors 🙂

Not to mention Single-handed vet Ronnie Simpson my watch-mate from the Transpac race to Hawaii, another of our Transpac crew – Sherrie Smith and none other than Linda Pasquariello aboard her sister-ship S&S 34 😉

The America’s Cup is only ten months away and we’ve seen many of the teams technological marvels training on the bay in recent days.  It will truly be a sight to behold when all the wing-powered weapons from around the world are dueling around the bay!

Meanwhile, refits on both S&S 34’s is ramping up again and additional plans of racing minis is still simmering…;)

Below:  Linda giving Adam and me a hand with her West Marine suction pump in Tonga for that pest of a wee diesel fuel leak…!

IMG_3243 1



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