Approaching the border…

Arrived a week ago to Port Brookings in southern Oregon from Coos Bay aboard my S&S 34.  So we’re now ten miles from the California border!  Next remaining leg is 280-miles to San Francisco on this mid-winter descent from Seattle.  On stand-bye again for the optimal weather window as always! The Aries wind-vane steered perfectly so excited to use it in what will be the normal compression gale off Cape Mendicino and northern California for the final leg…

Meanwhile, it appears Francois Gabart or Armel in the Vendee Globe might finish their circumnavigations in 79-days which would reduce the reference previous record by over five days!  It seems every year there’s a day reduction in the world of around the world speed sailing…

Below Gabart’s  VPLP machine.  Picture rendered by Dassault Systems



One thought on “Approaching the border…

  1. Brian – Will you be returning to Alameda Marina on your way south? Just finished reading Rich Wilson’s 2008-9 VendeeGlobe account . . . Rich explained that, breakdowns aside, the fleet was spaced into groups ranging from more recently designed rockets leading the fleet followed by progressively older slower designs. Sounds like handicapping is in order for this race ! [ S.B. Catalina 309 SOUTHERNAIRE slip #605 AlamedaMarina ]

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