…Vincent Riou arrives to Brazil for repairs after some very bad luck hitting a metal moorage ball adrift – proof if we need more to clean the seas & stop polluting – we’ll thus never know what the only previous Vendee Globe winner in this edition might have done from a purely performance standpoint ~ but that’s the nature of the Vendee= 50% attrition rates since the race’s first edition in 1989 ;);( Β I met Vincent in the ‘Valley of the Madmen’ (Port-Le-Foret) France and still haven’t washed my hands since πŸ˜‰



27ft seas & 65-knot + gusts

As I research and conspire to box up and Fed-Ex (7STAR) my Mini 650 over to the warm and ‘balmy’ Pacific Ocean for the Mini Transpac next summer we have…up to 27ft seas and storm force winds between 45- 60-knots + predicted by NOAA in 72-hours for Oregon Coast & Coos Bay ; )
…VHF weather correction – gusts to 65-knots @ Cape Blanco (30-miles) south of US…this will be rather interesting to watch – I’ll hunker in aboard my MOD 34 πŸ˜‰
…Meanwhile we started the refit of Linda’s ‘MOD 34’ – pardon my French – S&S 34 in LA last week…before flying back to Oregon for some storm watching and additional work on my S&S 34 “Gitano Banou” (Gypsy Queen;)
  • PS: Β In a Vendee Globe already approaching a 50% attrition rate after less than two weeks at sea – a more robust & durable formula for the common sailor without a 5-million euro sponsor/budget but rather a modest cruising portfolio – should also be allowed to race nonstop solo and unassisted around the world – the reason for the one-design MOD Globe πŸ˜‰
    Below Linda’s MOD 34 & the coming gale:)