Headbanger’s Ball

…too big of a arrival party from north slope, several people missed their morning flights – mine rescheduled for saturday – staying with a fellow polaris skipper in Anchorage till then – it was the hangover part #3 ; )
Below:  The last men standing at the airport in Deadhorse (from right to left the five captains: Niko, Coco, Yo, Thoma, me & our boat demob support crew from France: Xavier, GB & Christen…all French ; ) PS: I defected a long time ago ; )

and the most violent turbulence on flight from Anchorage ‘after’ the turbulent post-north slope arrival party I have EVER experienced for over two hours to the point people would have been air-born in the cabin if not buckled in – it was while we crossed the cold front coming off the low south of Anchorage that affected my other flight from the Arctic…

96-hours away in Anchorage “Hurricane-forced” low – the very unusual very early winter continues…

Below our flight from Deadhorse at our ‘pit-stop’ in Fairbanks with planes lined up in the background after being forced ‘away’ from Anchorage due to extreme wind-sheer…


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