CGG VERITAS Crew-21 gift wraps it to go

My return for round #2 on the north slope has been full on and infinitely successfully for all members of the 250 some odd workers of CGG VERITAS “CREW 21”.  We’re in final stages of the operation and the Polaris fleet has finished our seismic operations!

All members of the team that include specialists in all our diverse fields have worked magic and we re close to gift wrapping the Simpson Lagoon operation to go with a ribbon 😉

Not without my first shutting the whole ‘machine’ down and causing panic on F-Pad when I sighted a polar bear 3/4 of a mile from the dock !!!  My prediction in a recent blog entry I’d likely sight one came to fruition. I witnessed it thru the wind-shield of ‘Polaris 4’ on my return from work at 22-knots speed and stopped the boat.  The polar bear was close off our starboard beam.  I rotated the boat and slowly backed away, snapping a quick photo while making certain we did nothing to disturb this incredibly beautiful endangered animal.

I called it in to F-Pad and all hell broke loose as orders were issued for personal to evacuate the docks to secure locations and for all the boats to leave the dock and to stand-off to the west until further notice.  An hour later, the bear was sighted on C-Pad two miles away, not before I had a few pissed off workers to sit with on the bus to camp as my fire drill had come right at shift change!

As we pack up this massive operation I look forward to my return next year to the remote Arctic and the many new friendships I’ll again forge not forgetting the incredible sunrises and sunsets – the best I’ve seen anywhere bar none – including the equator…

Here’s to “Crew-21”, see you guys wherever our next geo-seismic job resides !!!



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