Every Dog has it’s Day

A 24-hour per day work cycle, 12-hour shifts, immense pressure, stress and mechanical engine failures aboard ‘Polaris 1′, 2 & 3’ has left my ‘Polaris 4’ as the last man (dog) standing.

Me and my navigator Mark, reciprocal captain/mentor Olivier and our lucky ‘Alpha-Dog’ ‘Polaris 4’ are the sole geo-seismic cable vessel currently operating in the Arctic Circle.

Meanwhile, the ‘Alaganik’ – a different type of survey re-supply barge has been positioned offshore near the barrier islands with fresh supplies of ‘ammunition’ for us (seismic cables) so I don’t have to refuel as often saving time.  This saves my 28-knot sprints back to ‘F-Pad’ ashore – which burns both valuable time to reload and refuel.

Thus, we’re into a steady rhythm that should see us deploy a new record number of cables this evening.  Touch the scantily clad aluminum hull that our blistering pace and luck continues as we map the sea-floor and the thousands of feet below that with bathymetry and the acoustic devices in our ultra high-tech arsenal.  This is the reason why CGG VERITAS remains the world’s leader in the field of geo-seismic survey operations!

PS:  I’ve graduated with honors and am now fully confident driving a jet-boat as I enjoy flirting with her  maneuverability and speed capabilities!


2 thoughts on “Every Dog has it’s Day

  1. BJ – Wow does that bring back memories working a seismic boat in the So. China Sea with Dresser Industries. And yes, CGG has long been the leader, with Schlumberger a close second – both French ‘statist’ giants. And too, the money is as good as it gets outside of jockeying a desk. [Sam Burns – C309 SOUTHERNAIRE, Alameda Marina]

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