Nautilus Yacht Management Australia

I’m proud to join Anna’s (below) – Australian ‘Nautilus Yacht Management’. This should fill in some off-time from my job skippering for CGG Veritas in Alaska during the summer.

“…Nautilus Yacht Management is a new generation of yachting business and brokerage.  It is more than a place to sell, or buy a boat, or hand over they keys after a weekend sailing.  It is a place to share your experience, be guided towards new horizons, learn and gain confidence, make the most of your boat and the area, plan your journey and push your limits…”


2 thoughts on “Nautilus Yacht Management Australia

  1. Aww you guys are going to make me cry…! Sailors are not supposed to cry (do they?) I guess am a desk and computer sailor now so I guess am allowed. Not for long I promise. GO BJ! and GO Linda!!!!! You guys are making me feel restless as hell! m amazed the world can be such an incredible place to have two such extraordinary people in it!!! Fair winds! xxxxx

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