Nautilus Yacht Management Australia

I’m proud to join Anna’s (below) – Australian ‘Nautilus Yacht Management’. This should fill in some off-time from my job skippering for CGG Veritas in Alaska during the summer.

“…Nautilus Yacht Management is a new generation of yachting business and brokerage.  It is more than a place to sell, or buy a boat, or hand over they keys after a weekend sailing.  It is a place to share your experience, be guided towards new horizons, learn and gain confidence, make the most of your boat and the area, plan your journey and push your limits…”


If I needed a few pointers in how put a nice sailing video together – I’d take notes on the Camper Volvo video below – then round up a few million for a camera ‘tripod’ (yacht) like that to the support the cameras!

Beware: Polar Bears

Instructors told me today polar bears will cover their black noses in the snow so they’re less likely to be seen if they’re hunting (a person), they’re incredibly smart & to beware at night when exiting the living module to use the loo as they could attack – they’re not timid like a brown bear – they’re the Great White sharks of the land, it’s no joke!


Jon and Linda in the newspaper!

Jon and Linda on the cover of the newspaper in Carnarvon northern Australia and leaving for Perth today or tomorrow!  They had to be towed in (1st time ever for Jon) as the engine work done in Bali wasn’t up to spec and the motor-sailor they’re delivering isn’t quite nimble for short tacking into the marina basin.  The iron jenny has since been overhauled and they re off and running again to Fremantle 😉