Tuna Carried Fukushima Radioactivity to U.S. Coast

“We need to get our ENERGY needs sorted and find a habitable back-up (liferaft) planet for our ‘celestial-yacht’ – Earth in the not distant future…WHY are we not not ‘exploring’ Mars yet if we went to the moon in 1969 ?! Everything at the highest levels of humankind’s government needs to be a competitive political race to get anywhere fast!  At least there was the first successful fusion experiment at Lawerance Livermore National Laboratory in California last year – there is hope after all!  The Fukushima disaster is a warning of much larger future calamity if we don’t get our s*%t together & work ‘TOGETHER’ irrespective of private national interests…we need to realize and accept we re all on on this yacht (Earth) together!”  – BJ

…Forwarded to me from a friend that read an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  You might have seen the radioactive seawater map pic from NOAA in my previous blog entry a few below this current post.  It was not something I wanted to wake up and read this morning…I guess I might not be eating sashimi anymore on my yacht deliveries from Hawaii going north…unreal and sad. – BJ

Scientists: “Absolutely every one” of bluefin tunas tested from S. California was contaminated with Fukushima radiation — “We were definitely surprised to see it at all – and even more surprised to see it in every one we measured

Wall Street Journal
May 28, 2012, 6:36 p.m. ET

Pacific bluefin tuna migrating last year from coastal Japan to the waters off Southern California contained radioactive cesium isotopes from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, scientists reported Monday.


“The tuna packaged it up and brought it across the world’s largest ocean,” said marine ecologist Daniel Madigan at Stanford University, who led the study team. “We were definitely surprised to see it at all and even more surprised to see it in every one we measured.”


“We found that absolutely every one of them had comparable concentrations of cesium-134 and cesium-137,” said marine biologist Nicholas Fisher at Stony Brook University in New York state, who was part of the study group.



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