FR Mini Fastnet / Talk is cheap

Two weeks till what could be my 5th Mini Fastnet – the FR edition from France.  However, a potential job offer in Alaska driving a survey vessel for good money and starting mid-June till September has hampered the plan to launch my own boat 433 as there would be too little time to put her away or do this 2nd summer Fastnet…as the job is slated to start June 15th.

…If this happens, the long-term plan with my own Manuard proto #433 would be to get a DCQ for next year and complete the mandatory 1,000-miles in racing and qualification for the Transat 2013 next year.  Unless my boat sells in the meantime, then it would be to work a few years to top up the war chest and come back in a series boat format for multiple potential transats between practice Fastnets on other boats to stay on ‘form’…Ten Mini Fastnets is a beautiful objective 😉

So I’m on stand-bye to know if I get the job and if I might be able to still manage to fit in the race somehow on what would either be a new prototype or another series Tip-Top…

The proto is called “Ticket to Heaven” and is a new Sam Manuard design number #784 with all the recent innovations such as a rotating wing-mast. Could be pretty interesting as a sistership sailed by Czech friend Milan aboard “Gaben” is cleaning up (other than the races 747 is taking off the bouffet plate!

…However, the skipper of “Ticket to Heaven” speaks NO ENGLISH OR FRENCH – ONLY POLISH !!!  If you can believe that this might be the 2nd Mini Fastnet I’ve done with a Polish skipper in the last few years (’08 series) that I have to communicate with sigh language and grunts on a super radical mini proto – imagine !!!  I really must be crazy 😉

However, as you can see from the photo below she is a bit of a weapon and a good result is within reach even if we are silent like Tibetien monks for the duration of the 700-mile course!  …The saying goes that talk is cheap 😉  I hope this might truly be a ticket to Heaven with a top five or podium result as the name suggests 😉

Meanwhile good luck to Linda Pasquariello who is on a 2nd back to back yacht delivery with Jon Sanders, this time aboard a Nauticat cruising yacht from Bali to Fremantle!

Jon Sanders & Linda Pasquariello Update

 “Cg” 44ft motor sailor on route bali to fremantle via carnarvon. All well. We are nm from bali & nm to caqnarvon. Our eta cvn 10am sun 3 june: subject weather. We are not using main engine because of frequent fuel contamination. We are changing filters as we gn. But all is good. We are sailing with smalled jib and mainsail. Not fast but safe & comfortable. Nothing more pleasant than to watch a movie at dusk on the flat screen in mild conditions. After this & and while linda’s boy friend (hi bj) is in france, probably eating frog legs linda prepares delicious supper on “cg” often paster or curry dishes cooked in olive oil with garlic. This is done in the kitchen. Is so. The elderly from established yacht clubs might cry calling the galley a kitchen. (they are a bit like that). But linda says if it is a galley then it should be chock a block full of hansome bare chested slaves cluching on to oars. (sh ¡ t i better buy some oars). See ya”

– Jon Sanders


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