Lorient update

Blowing a big gale here in Lorient since almost a week.  My friend Donatien Carme breaks a dagger-board in the Select race and allot of other damage in the fleet.  Since arriving I have been evaluating my finances and situation.

The budget for next year would be quite massive in the order of 30,000 US +. I currently have no yacht deliveries in sight to top up the war chest for this summer yet.  I am considering selling my proto and later transitioning to a Series boat such as a Pogo 2 or in an ideal world a Naccira 650.  It is risky to hold onto a proto without having the budget for so long.

However I might currently race the La Trinite-Plymouth mini race, the UK Mini Fastnet and FR Mini Fastnets aboard a series Pogo 2.  I will know in the next few days.  That would get me up to five Mini Fastnets and test racing in the series class – the current competitive hot-bed of the Classe Mini.

Without a big $ sponsor the magnitude of 30,000+ for the Transat 650 (not including if I break something major) is huge.  For this same budget I could race Linda Pasquariello around the world next year with stops for example in a sort of ‘Mod Prologue’ aboard our  sister-ship S&S34 yachts.  So some tough choices but all will work out for the best in the long run…

Meanwhile good luck to Linda who is double-handing a yacht delivery of a Beneateau now with Jon Sanders from the north of Australia to Sydney – all of which is upwind 😉

Below current wind file showing the forty + knots here in Bretagne…


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