Je Arrive !!

Arrived to Lorient, France and as soon as I got off the TGV train from Paris my mini friend Donatien Carme picked me up and informed me the port called and we had to move his mini 650 😉

So I wasn’t here for more than an hour before I’d stepped back aboard a mini and was drooling like a labrador at Banque Populaire V 130ft trimaran, the Banque Populaire Open 60, MOD 70’s and an assortment of minis as we crossed the harbor basin aboard Dona’s mini 606…

Next checked on my mini 433 and she’s fine considering how long I’ve been gone – safely nestled in her bunker here at this converted World War 2 submarine base that is now ‘home’ to the fastest yachts in the world.

Today check and test her electrical systems – house batteries, Max-Power hydrogen fuel cell and then Monday I sail with Donatien on his mini from Lorient to Pornichet as he’s doing the Select race which we’ve both done before.  Then its looking back north to put 433 into the water…


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