France retour

France it is.  I fly on April 11th before a TGV ride to Bretagne for the 12th.  Its been awhile so I’m over-due for a baguet or two ; )  Donation Carme my mate of the proto #606 that did the last Transat 650 is picking me up from the TGV station in Lorient and will loan me ALL his current Classe Mini mandatory safety kit and raft to reduce the $ burden this year!  He is also a full time Figarro preparateur for the likes of Jeanne Gregorie and Corentin Douguet – so his assistance to re-rig #433 will be awesome!

Under the pic of me and Dona below, a pic of me prepping 433 on the last merry-go-round and under that the designer of my #433 – Samuel Manuard doing spinnaker-sheet aboard his sister-ship #431…(431, 432, 433 were built out of the same hull moulds).


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