Linda for the MOD 34!

Linda Pasquariello has a S&S 34 lined up to race the ‘MOD 34 Race’ (one-design-nonstop-solo around the world race)!  Thus her current solo circumnavigation aboard her Pearson 10m “Yemaya” will transition smoothly into round #2! Amazing, who would have thought that when we met the first time at LAX airport four years ago – we’d be preparing to race each other around the world a few years later!

Linda’s update:

“Just to mix things up a bit, as we only live once.  I have a S&S 34 lined up to be used for the MOD 34 Race,  I aspire to race Bj and anyone else that is interested, non stop round the world on sister ships (S&S 34) to highlight the need to protect our oceans. I would like to raise awareness and money for my two favorite charity’s Sea Shepherd and Oceana. Weather this happens after my current circumnavigation with stops or before, we will have to wait and see. I love my Pearson 10m as she is a fast, roomy, stable boat, fantastic for the tropics with lots of room to stow stuff. But as we all know the S&S34 has been proven again and again for its offshore capabilities, and non stop records. A lot of people comment that we must not like each other very much if we are always sailing on separate boats, but I just want to beat him to the finish line. Now we will start looking for support and sponsorship for this Epic adventure, I hope we have more people join us in this race, as it is a dream a lot of sailors have. What better way to fulfill your dream then by racing with like minded people around the world while raising money for the protectors of our beautiful Oceans and all that lives within.”

– Linda Pasquariello /


2 thoughts on “Linda for the MOD 34!

  1. Hello Brian. We met years I believe. You were helping Natasha Caban prep her 34 for a circumnavigation.
    I now own a 34 and the MOD 34 race intrigues me.
    Please contact me
    Tony Hughes

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