Tsunami debris field approaching Hawaii

It’s taken awhile to traverse the ‘pond’ with the North Pacific current but the wreckage and flotsam from the tragic Japanese disaster is nearing Hawaii and the US West Coast…

“NOAA and its partners are also coordinating an interagency assessment and response plan to address the wide-range of potential scenarios and threats posed by the debris.

“We’re preparing for the best and worst case scenarios — and everything in between,” says Nancy Wallace, director for NOAA’s Marine Debris Program.

As the tsunami surge receded, it washed much of what was in the coastal inundation zone into the ocean. Boats, pieces of smashed buildings, appliances, and plastic, metal, and rubber objects of all shapes and sizes washed into the water — either sinking near the shore or floating out to sea. The refuse formed large debris fields captured by satellite imagery and aerial photos of the coastal waters.

The Japanese government estimated that the tsunami generated 25 million tons of rubble, but there is no clear understanding of exactly how much debris was swept into the water nor what remained afloat…”


If I do any yacht deliveries this summer it will make for some tension on what is my ‘normal’ yacht delivery route ~ I’ve crossed the pond 30-times +, three this last summer alone.  Not bragging, just that the math dictates if you do something enough times the chances of ‘things that go bump in the night‘…increase to the point of almost a 100% guarantee…

More on the approaching fields of trash below:



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