The race vs Jon Sanders…; )

While Linda Pasquariello, Sean Doyle, Liv Coyne and moi – our 2011 Sydney Hobart crew prepare to depart Adelaide for Perth Wednesday on the Beneateau 40.7 “As Good As It Gets” (ex-‘Fruit Machine’) – my mentor Jon Sanders is 135-nautical miles south of us below Kangaroo Island and Adelaide on route nonstop solo from New Zealand to Perth (his recent email update below) ~ the race to WA is on…!

9 Jan 2012

It has been a series of westerly fronts and lows. And the wind mainly west rather than nw or sw.

Yday the forecast south coast south aus (which i was 90 nm south of) was 30 to 45 kts. Where i was 40 to 45 kts if not more. Huge horrible sea. Enough to make a super bulk carrier worry).

I simply hove¡to with 3 storm reefs in main sail. Perfect size sail. I still have west winds to 30 kts til wednesday. Today 25 kts but frequent @ sqalls to 40 kts. I am slowly stoogeing north towards kangeroo island 135 nm north. With snippet headsail and the 3 reefs. Will go west later wed. Bent a few stauchions. But otherwise all is good. (ocean zephyr would be good name 4 a boat)


Jon Sanders


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