Jules Verne Trophy: 45-days around the world…!

Congratulations to Loick Peyron and the crew of the 130ft French trimaran “Banque Populaire V” – they just broke the “Fastest Circumnavigation” record for the Jules Verne Trophy with an astounding time of 45-days!!!  They took three days off the previous bench-mark set by Franck Cammas aboard “Groupama” when he did 48-days.  It was only back a few short years in 1989 that Loick’s brother Bruno Peyron became the first under 80-days around aboard his 89ft catamaran “Commodore Explorer” with a time of 79-days…  We are approaching almost half that reference time !

The ‘Triple Crown’ of absolute world records:  Youngest, Fastest, Furthest in 2012 is astounding:

Youngest Circumnavigation:  age 16, Jessica Watson

Fastest Circumnavigation:  45-days, Loick Peyron

Furthest ~ ‘World Distance Record’:  81,000-nautical miles ~ triple nonstop circumnavigation, Jon Sanders


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