Linda aka Meerkat in the morning newspaper!

AMAZING ~ Linda (who’s being interviewed for a feature tomorrow in the Bundaberg / Newsmail newspaper ~ below!) reminded me we had arrived together (double-handed) to Bundaberg aboard my Albin Vega 27 “ISIS” two years ago on Dec 3rd… the EXACT same day I just arrived on my delivery of “Froia 2” from Hawaii to Bundaberg !

New tack for solo sailor

NEWSMAIL Newspaper Bundaberg / Vanessa Marsh | 8th December 2011

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LAST time Linda Pasquariello was in town, she was here to recover her stricken yacht, which was left sitting high and dry on a footpath following the floods.
Linda Pasquariello is stopping in Bundy on a solo sail around the world. It makes a stark contrast from her last visit to recover her yacht from the aftermath of the Christmas floods.
Mike Knott

LAST time Linda Pasquariello was in town, she was here to recover her stricken yacht, which was left sitting high and dry on a footpath following the Christmas floods.

But the keen sailor arrived in town on a happier mission this week – a solo sailing trip around the world.

“I left San Francisco in July and went to Hawaii, Tonga and then on to Bundy,” Ms Pasquariello said.

“Then I’ll head to Darwin to the Indian Ocean over to South Africa.”

In December last year, Ms Pasquariello and her partner Brian Caldwell were in San Francisco when they got the call their beloved yacht Isis had broken its mooring and was missing in the floods.

“We didn’t know if it had been ruined or even worse, swept out and sunk at sea,” Ms Pasquariello told the NewsMail after the ordeal.

But the pair found their 27ft yacht in a photo online, which showed it washed up behind Midtown Marinas.

“People really went out of their way to help us,” Ms Pasquariello said.

“All the people at Midtown Marinas were so helpful.

“There was no damage – just one scratch and we lost the dinghy.”

The yachtie said not much had changed since her last visit.

“It’s good to see all the boats back at Midtown up and running,” Ms Pasquariello said.

Her adventurous spirit began when she got her first taste of life at sea about four years ago, working on a boat in Greece and Turkey.

“I fell in love with sailing,” she said.

“My boyfriend was once the youngest person to sail around the world and I thought if he can do it, surely I can too.”

Ms Pasquariello is sailing aboard a new yacht, Yemaya, but said she was happy to see the Isis as she arrived in Bundaberg on Tuesday.

“We first came to Bundaberg in 2009 and we sort of fell in love with the place,” she said.

Ms Pasquariello will continue her adventure next year.

Follow this link to see Meerkat in Bundaberg’s NEWSMAIL newspaper this morning:


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