Match Set Point

…As I write this update now half-way from Tonga to Australia, I’ve just checked in with yours truly via Iridium sat-phone – the sea-goddess in the accompanying memento of pictures which are devoted to ‘the distance to here’ since first meeting four years ago.  Linda is only one-hundred miles behind me and Adam on “Froia 2” after eight days at sea.

Linda Pasquariello, the half Australian/Italian from the land down under more aptly nick-named “Meerkat” – is truly flying thru the ‘tall grass’ with her tail proudly bobbing thru spray and trade-wind clouds aboard her Pearson-10M “Yemaya” on her third leg of her solo circumnavigation.  In her gunsights – Adam and me aboard “Froia 2” fight to build a substantiative lead on what is our own second and final leg of my four-thousand mile yacht delivery from Hawaii to Australia via Tonga.

Time flies.  Just two years ago, Linda and I were double-handing together in these same waters abundant with exotic tropical pit-stops while cruising aboard my Albin Vega 27 “ISIS” from Fiji to Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Australia.  Now we’re passing south of them all while nonstop, on separate boats, and racing back toward what is now home for both of us – Australia.  It does currently appear Meerkat will win this grand debut race of spouses on corrected time rating due to our dis-similiar sized boats and her proximity (her 30ft vs our 45ft) – but as I write, there is still a thousand miles to go in the tall grass separating us from the finish at the Bundy rum factory – so anything can happen!

There Linda and I will take a quick breath for a day before we fly to the Great Australian Bight to deliver the Beneateau 40 “As Good As Gets” from Adelaide to Perth for her new owner.  It will thus be our second jaunt thru the Southern Ocean the ‘wrong-way’ from Tasmania to Perth in the last two years 😉  My first with Jon Sanders double-handed and this will be a continuation for Linda as we had also delivered a Farr 40 from Hobart to Port Lincoln (just west of Adelaide).  We are excited to re-visit these fabulous ports ‘down-under’ such as Esperance, Albany and obviously Fremantle for a beer with David Dicks!

To wrap up what has been this hectic year of yacht deliveries and racing, I then do a fourth Rolex Sydney Hobart Race the day after Christmas.  Unfortunately, Jon Sanders won’t be doing the race together this year as planned, so I’m doing it with the only American yacht in the fray – the C&C40 “Nemisis” owned by Jeffery Taylor.  Stay tuned for the count-down to the start gun Boxing Day and the final race tally of the current match versus Meerkat!

…You don’t even want to hear what we’ve got planned for next year!


One thought on “Match Set Point

  1. Brian – Great to hear that all is well with you, Adam and Linda. And racing on corrected time as opposed to a barfight first-to-finish! We here are preparing for Christmas roasting chestnuts over an open fire ( Bay Area air quality permitting ) and another [ !? ] Alvin & chipmonks movie…….

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