Linda Pasquariello, Adam Corrier and I enjoyed a nice tropical pit-stop in my old stomping grounds. I’d spent months here with my parents when I was age 11-13 on multiple occasions the last of which was when Linda and I were here on “Ragtime” two years ago.

Tonga is frozen in time and one of the ultimate warm weather cruising grounds anywhere. Linda and her trusty Pearson “Yemaya” look happy, honed to a knife point and excited about the third leg of their Pacific crossing from California to Australia. The three of us did our best to pack in as many beautiful anchorages with both boats in the few days we were here as possible.

All of us intend as always to return and spend more time. Me on my S&S 34 en-route to Australia again next year, Adam next year on his Wilderness 30 and Linda on her return to the Pacific after her RTW in a year or two.

Thank you again to everyone in the ‘Friendly Islands’ – see you all again soon!

Malo lei lei –
Bj, Linda, Adam


French kissing Froia ~ (Dufour 455)

…2,800-nautical miles in 19-days from Hawaii to Tonga with a French runway model as our crew-mate. Adam Courier and I almost reduced Linda Pasquariello’s recent solo reference time of 30-days by half with our near 167-nautical mile per day on-route average until light winds post the ‘Puka-Puka Islands north of Samoa’.

I’ve got to say, the French built seductress – a Dufour 455 “Froia 2” from La Rochelle is a veritable weapon of a cruising yacht. To do 150 mile days without trying is a real treat with her respective comfort level of a 5-star cruise ship or a swanky pent-house ashore for that matter.

Our burning pace with this scantily-clad but mileage hungry nymphomaniac defied days of leisure in the tropics while under star lit nights and falling stars as we roared over the Equator, past Christmas Island while leaving Samoa behind our wake like the late night TGV train from Paris…

All the while, Dj Toast and a vast assortment of musicians accompanied our stress-free days while hypnatized by the easy speed, music and perfect ambience aboard as a team and duo (trio if you include Froia 😉

Meanwhile, we spent evenings conspiring to race one another on my event – the ‘MOD Globe’ – the first one-design nonstop solo around the world race starting in 2014 from Sydney, Australia…read my new powerpoint proposal in the sponsorship section of my website!

Thus Adam’s first Equator crossing and my 9th was a beautiful day to be remembered two years from now when we do it all again – this time going in the other direction…I hope Linda’s there too – time will tell. It would thus again be team ‘Menage-a-trois’ 😉

…Next something more than a one-night stand, round 2# – from Tonga to Australia, stay tuned for more smut from my second date with “Froia 2”!