Bj partners with Arktisma!

Before departure for Australia we’ve partnered with fellow Contessa 26 solo sailor Nick Jaffe’s internet company: Arktisma based in Melbourne, Australia!  Exciting stuff ahead 😉

About Arktisma

We are a multi-disciplinary group of entrepreneurs and internet developers based in Melbourne, Australia. We’ve built everything from hosting companies & eCommerce stores, to streetwear labels and websites for ocean rowers & sailors. We’re not for hire, but if you’d like to learn more, read on – Some of our work is public, some of it is not. Stay tuned!


Hawaii to Australia double-handed

The race is on to best Linda Pasquariello’s 30-day solo reference from Hawaii to Tonga (expect something in the 15-18 day margin in my case – granted aboard a MUCH faster boat sailed by a mini 650 sailor!  Also, both Linda and I are conspiring to arrive to Bundaberg before December as we did together double-handed a year ago aboard my Albin Vega 27 “ISIS”…

…So we’re primed, ready and provisioned for launch on this Dufour 455 yacht delivery also in double format with fellow solo sailor Adam Correa from San Francisco. He did the last single-handed Transpac on the International Folkboat “Blue Moon”. He’s considering doing it again next year.  We have a great ambiance together aboard (we’re truly ‘men-of-leisure’) accompanied by twin quadrant driven Raymarine autopilots as our third and fourth crew respectively.

This will be my second double-handed delivery between Hawaii and Australia in a decade.  In 2000, I double-handed the S&S 34 “Stray Bit” from Australia to Hawaii.  Ten years later, I’ll do the same route in reverse following in the wake of my co-partner – Australian solo circumnavigator Linda Pasquariello who I’ll see in a brief exotic pit-stop in Tonga before we drag-race to Aus. (Below: my crew Adam ‘training’ for life down-under and the marathon chess matches to come – I’ll let you know who’s crowned grand champion of the Pacific after arrival to Aus 😉

aloha, bj

Bj Caldwell joins Oceana


I joined Oceana as you can too.  I believe preservation of 3/4 of the planet is worth it, don’t you?  Especially as its my personal work-place and sand-box for both pleasure and my livelihood – not to mention for life on Earth!  Visit their website:

And below an article from their blog advocating more wind!  I agree, as does Sebastien Rogue’s sponsor EDF/Suez

Why is Oceana such a strong advocate foroffshore wind, anyway? Here are a few big reasons:

  • Because we have seen the damage that drilling for and burning fossil fuels can do to the health of the oceans and marine life, and we must find a better way to satisfy our energy needs.
  • Because windmills harness a clean and infinite source of energy, while eliminating the risk of deadly oil spills and creating three times as many jobs as the oil industry.
  • Because we believe that the environmentally safe and responsible development of offshore wind is one of the best chances we have as a country to end our addiction to fossil fuels and to finally stop the dangerous practice of oil and gas drilling in our oceans. 
  • Because we believe that, if sited correctly, offshore wind could be the ocean-based part of the solution to climate change and its “evil twin,” ocean acidification.
  • Because Oceana is in a unique position as both a stakeholder in the process and an advocate for offshore wind to the stakeholders/decision-makers in Congress, where we engage and educate congressional staff on the benefits of offshore wind. We collaborate with other environmental organizations and the offshore wind industry to advocate for legislative policies that help promote the development of offshore wind.

At last year’s conference, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar signed the first U.S. lease for offshore wind development, and since then, he and Secretary of Energy Steven Chu unveiled a National Offshore Wind Strategy. The plan includes the deployment of 10 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity by 2020 and 54 gigawatts by 2030, and Salazar and Chu announced $50.5 million in funding opportunities for projects that support offshore wind energy deployment.

In other words, it’s an exciting time in the world of offshore wind – and we’re thrilled to be a part of the action.

You can help, too! Tell your senators to replace dirty oil drills with clean windmills.

Nancy Sopko is an Ocean Advocate at Oceana.

Linda arrives from 2nd solo leg Hawaii-Tonga!

Linda Pasquariello arrives to Vavau’u, Tonga finishing the 2nd leg of her solo circumnavigation!  Pictures below crossing the equator – her last time was when we delivered the Spencer 65 “Ragtime” from New Zealand to Los Angeles two years ago 😉  Now I’ll attack her reference time as I deliver the Dufour 455 “Froia 2” to Bundaberg via a quick 48-hour “cultural” pit-stop in Vavau’u – I expect 28 days or less to Bundaberg, Australia!