UPDATE: Sebastien WINS first leg Transat 650!!!

Mate Sebastien absolutely killing just four miles to reach the lead on the first leg of the mini transat (Transat 650) – makes me crazy to get back over for the next ’13 edition!  Meanwhile, an exact sister-ship of my boat was in 7th overall yesterday which bodes well that my Samuel Manuard design remains competitive on the battlefield 😉


Yacht Delivery: Hawaii to Australia

You should know you’re on the ‘right’ path when so many things are happening – all of which enhance your prospects to race in France again 😉

I now have a yacht delivery of a Dufour 455 with Facnor bow furlers from Hawaii to Australia and Bundaberg no less, thus I’ll be racing you know who on the exact same route!  How ironic is that ?!

A pic of the boat below (a Dufour 455) and above that my friend Sebastien Rogue currently competing in the Mini Transat along with my other good friend Donation Carme -both of whom I hope to see and race with again next year on my own mini #433.

…Something likely now with the multiple yacht deliveries empowering this option separate of the new world record project with my S&S 34 😉

Rolex Sydney Hobart 2011

Jessica Watson (current youngest solo circumnavigator) launches her Sydney 38 “Another Challenge”, as the new youngest crew to compete in the Rolex Sydney Hobart – hopefully they can also break our record as the youngest crew to win (Australian Liz Wardley’s crew) when we won our division in the ’99 Hobart.  Mike Perham will crew with her as well, thus there will be three ‘youngest & ‘ex’s’ racing 😉  They’ll race against me with while I navigate for Jon Sanders aboard “Sea-hold Perie Banou 2” (below) – each in different divisions but for overall position and the coveted ‘Tattersall Trophy’ – obviously!

then & now

Funny when it goes full circle & you’d thought – ‘Well high school was such a sham and waste of time’, there was nothing I learned between the age of 15 and 19 other than burn my resolve for mutiny from land into violent action when I cut the dock-lines – finally enabling the success of my longtime dream.

Looking back now, it might sound daft but no doubt I could and wanted to have done ‘it’ (the evil-deed) – younger.  However, had I done ‘it’ when I wanted after arriving back to Hawaii after six-years South Pacific cruising with my family, I would likely not have met Jessica Watson or be racing with Jon Sanders now.

Australian Jon Sanders and David Dicks who broke my record, both showed everyone the stamina of the S&S34.  Jesse Martin was thus inspired to ‘do-it’ on the same type of boat after grilling David Dicks with questions at a boat show.  Fast-forward, Jessica is in turn inspired by Martin’s success after reading his inspirational book ‘Lionheart’. What a different land-scape it would be had Jon not illustrated the S&S 34’s to us on the ‘dance-floor’ on multiple occasions – 6 X nonstop solo around the world between Jon and Dave 😉                             

…Funny, what seemed back then a defeat to have not left younger at age 15 when I wanted, later empowered what I’m doing now further.  It created today’s script and actors of this unfolding story (fact ALWAYS out-does fiction).

By yielding such a vast and incredible cast of oceanic characters  and sailors – (David Dicks, Jesse Martin, Zac Sunderland, Mike Perham and Jess) – it laid the ground-work for what was to come.  Inspirational teenagers that believe as I did that – nothing is beyond reach when you work hard for your dreams!

…Versus peaking young we’re beginning – that was the ‘prologue’. Standing on North Head of Sydney Harbor and then in front of the Opera House with Jon Sanders when we commentated for TV news stations the arrival of 16-year-old Jessica Watson’s was both an honor and surreal…

Cheers to this vast new chapter – goodbye 2011 hello 2012!  The star of the road-show is the age Alexander the Great was when he won his first battle – but in this case it’s a ‘she’.  Land-based society is wrong…18 as the societal standard as the ‘age-of-reason’ is new and arbitrary.  And forget thinking a man would make a stronger sailor!  Dame Ellen MacArthur, Isabelle Autissier, Isabelle Joscke and now Jess have buried that urban land-based legend once and for all.

Native Americans love being the under-dogs (me) !  But how Cherokees love sleeping with the enemy better – ironic when I defect from the nation which stole ‘our’ land.  By the same Europeans which sent English ‘convicts’ on sailing ships ‘down-under’ to inhabit what is now ‘Australia’ – home of Jess Watson, David Dicks, Jon Sanders and me since 2000…!

I’m still Hawaiian, but I have ‘multiple’ homes around the world…an Open 650 proto in France, and an S&S 34 in Seattle replacing my Albin Vega 27 in Australia for sale…My life is NOT simple…!

…My friend Roberto Barriero says – “If it floats, fly’s or f*cks” – rent it” – and I have three yachts, how daft am I ?!

…How far is it to sail around the world? What is the geographical distance? Or better, what is the distance to yourself? When does the dream overtake all obstacles and take ownership of your identity and soul?

How do you discriminate against such a dangerous entity or a better question – should you bother?! If I lived by my belief that dream is religion, then no – I’d run with ‘it’ and abandon the trappings of the ‘real’ world ashore & the ‘status-quo’.

When did the status-quo become the ‘real’ world? Life came from the water and chaos – perhaps its actually the going ‘home’ part after a long journey that is the problem. You become your own experience and aspire to go further still…

Once the wool is pulled from your eyes and you run free – you’ll discover in some ways ‘ignorance WAS bliss’ as you might not ever return home or be slowed by thoughts of ‘security’ – because you’ve come to realize ‘security’ is the wool pulled over your eyes – a trick or a bad joke, the WORLD is ‘home’ – travel now, don’t wait when all we ever truly ‘own’ is now!  …Throw caution to the wind and don’t look back upon a dream left to grow idle buried in the ‘dirt’ – to fester and later be destroyed and destroy.

PS:  The best day of my life was this last 10th anniversary of Sept 11.  I returned to my ‘home’ – my S&S 34 and it was so great to be aboard my own boat versus moving other people’s for a change!  But not forgetting the people who lost their lives that tragic day ten years before including my Hawaiian baby-sitter from before we went cruising and the nephew of my 2005 Transpac navigator Doug who infamously said:  “Lets-Roll” aboard Flight 93 before they stormed the cockpit – indeed… -bj


Solo Hawaii-Seattle

Arrived from solo Hawaii to Seattle delivery after 21-days as Roscoe had to get off in Kauai.  Good trip but not as fast as the last 16-day one two months ago on the same route.  However that was a more modern and bigger design with better weather to boot!  So I was going north by my lonesome while Linda was going south now on her 2nd leg to Niue and then Australia.  I’d have preferred going toward warm places like in her case versus to look for more fog and cold – I am after a warm blooded Hawaiian after all 😉  Meanwhile, Jon Sanders in the Tuamotus on his own solo trans-pacific while he completes his 8th round the world.  We’ll sail again soon enough come this December in the 2011 Sydney Hobart!