Alpha Puppy Award for Fastest-Sub 36ft Yacht in the Race !

One thought on “Alpha Puppy Award for Fastest-Sub 36ft Yacht in the Race !

  1. Hi Brian, aka “Super Soaker” (the guy who could drive the deepest and the longest… 🙂

    I wanted to add after the fact a few comments of some of the best highlights of the race (other than hauling a** in the Molokai channel and right before which I think was universally the favorite for all) just for fun…

    1) The three boys giggling on deck in 30kts of breeze as “The Pup” (as we call her) was literally skipping over waves hitting 20 kts. We looked at you guys on deck and every time a puff hit the three of you laughing and getting so excited and were having so much driving that we started laughing below as well… That’s what it’s about…

    2) When Brian decided to imitate Mexican soccer anouncers as he was trimming and Alex was driving (the rest of us were in the back of the bus, seatbelts attached- ha, ha) and started yelling “Goooooooooooool!!!” every time a puff of 30kts hit and consequently we had a spectacular surf. The excitement of the ride was infectious and we all joined in the “Gooool!!!” resulting in a 1D35 screaming along both literally and figurativelyin the channel, a very befitting entry into Hawaii…

    3) The fact that every single last problem that occured during this race was overcome, fixed, and we had a respectable first race finish. In fact I want to make sure the world knows that while the list never got finished and items were contantly being worked on The Pup prevailed- while some more expensive programs never left the dock and other expensive programs that had the same problems we did underway had to return to port- because no one aboard could fix the problem. By the by I have been told by everyone that has done this race (and I’m sure any race like it) that the list is never completed, everyone is stressed and something goes wrong with every program, even with the ones that allegedly have it together- as evidenced by the fact that there were 11 boats that were inspected before the race the same day we were… But I want it to go on record that the Pup prevailed (maybe it gnawed a few too many tennis shoes, but prevailed nonetheless.) I am particularly proud of this fact and tenacity. Every problem was solved and overcome and that is actually no small feat.

    4) As my small anecdote of the fun we had in the channel shows, there were many fun moments of teamwork and enjoying the adventure we were on and it is important to remember these. I think we all have our favorites, the point is there were many. One of my favorites was the universal “Go Puppy” greeting as well as the barking and such to have fun and relive stress.

    5) Finally we should all thank Alex for providing us all the opportunity to cross the Pacific in a very well known race in a fun and fast boat like AP. He sacrificed incredible time effort and money to make it happen and he deserves many many thanks for that. I am grateful for the opportunity and would do it again in a heartbeat (headaches and all.) As another skipper told us at the Waikiki Yatch Club afterwards once you hit the heavy air: “It blows all that crap out of your head” and I would love the opportunity to be yelling “Goooooool” in the Molokai Channel as we skip over waves doing 20kts any day.

    Cheers labrador and say hi to Linda-


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