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The first yacht delivery of the North Pacific summer is done and dusted.  It began on June 5th from Hawaii going to Point Roberts north of Seattle on the Canadian border.  It turned out to be a light wind but fun affair with the motley crew I mentioned on my last update (Jen Edney, Ryan Langley, Todd and me.  However, the Catalina 47 sailed relatively fast considering the light weather conditions on-route – averaging over one-hundred and fifty miles a day through-out.  This took us from the start in Ko Olina to the entrance of Puget Sound in 16-days flat.  Not a record by any means but a respectable performance for such a mild weather regime.

…A few mildly entertaining pictures included from yours truly – my ‘official’ photographer – Jen Edney.  Just  abit of practice before we outfit my S&S 34 for a world record performance appearance.  And a couple new technical ideas for later photography innovation debuted on our many evenings brainstorming, geeking-out or what-have-you under the Big Dipper…

That lasted until the half-way point when we exited the North Pacific High and entered a fog bank that didn’t lift until two days before the approaches to the Straights of Juan du Fuca.  It means we went from the idylic ‘Club Med’ weather to living in a cotton ball.  We didn’t see the sun, stars or moon for over ten-days and that’s no sailor’s exaggeration!  Imagine if we had to navigate strictly by celestial navigation…hello dead reckoning!

Now onto San Fran to do the last big sea-trial/test-sail of Linda Pasquariello’s Pearson 33 down the coast thru ‘gale-alley’ to LA in a few days.  That will thus be a ‘wrap’ for the big preliminary work-up before she sets off on her first solo circumnavigation.  I then have a quick five day break to visit ‘Inn & Out’ burger in Long Beach before departing on the TransPac Race aboard the 1D35 ‘Alpha Puppy’.  This will be an all-star cast with none other than 23-year-old Sean Doyle (son of Dan Doyle from Waikiki Yacht Club in Hawaii), Ronnie Simpson (who is an Iraqi war vet who learned to sail and did the last solo Transpac) and did I mention – both of them are shit-hot sailors.

Sean Doyle is the best fore-deck guy I’ve seen during our recent Spinnaker Cup Race and I’m honored to sail and learn from such a ‘weapon’ on the pointy end…!  He’s not too shabby on the helm either judging by our 16-19-knots surfing to the finish in Monterey.  It should be fun.  Especially now that our carbon bow-sprit is fully cured versus the last race 😉

…Not forgetting that Sean double-handed the TransPac at age-19 on his dad’s 1D35 in 2007 when he one-upped Roy Disney’s ‘Morning Light’ TP 52 movie project after he’d been part of the selection process but missed out as did a number of other young Hawaiian sailors such as Lindsey Austin (who went on to skipper ‘Cirrus’).  So it will be an honor to brush up my down-wind arsenal from Sean before I try to recruit him to do the 2011 Rolex Sydney Hobart with me and Jon Sanders.  Not to be too out-done, yours truly will be primary helmsman so ‘sending-it’ down the mine will be my sole objective. A division win to accompany our rock-star cast to the red carpet and Hawaiian rum punches awaiting at Transpac row would be nice too!

Above:  Some of Jen’s magic with the shutter button!  More to come in the months and years ahead – watch this & ‘her’ space!