TFFTI  (Too F*@king Fast To Identify)

“I step on cracks in the road to defy superstition..

Don’t let dreams keep you in bed…”

Sparks in the night sky ~ a glowing ember that will erupt into inferno…I can’t reveal the nature of what’s lurking in the dark.

She is an immensely high maintenance women and dilverance to her place on the dance-floor is where she belongs in clouds of sweat and spray – a siren-song, dancing her way across the seas.

This ‘femme fatale’ is confidential now ‘unless you’re in the know‘.  This ‘woman‘ has won her place as my soul-mate for the yonder blue road.  The results of that seduction will soon bear results on the global dance floor & race course: The world.  Stayed tuned.


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