Fastest, Furthest & Deepest…

The announcement by Sir Richard Branson to support Newport yachtsman Chris Welsh in becoming the 1st person to dive solo to the bottom of the Mariana Trench at the world’s deepest spot is proof wild ideas fly in today’s corporate market.  There’s no better book to describe this battlefield than Jeff Blumfeld’s book – “You Want to Go Where?!”

A bit ironic and proof once more what a small world it is ; – )  I’ve delivered Chris’s beautiful Spencer 68 “Ragtime” on five different occasions including a nice run from her birthplace in New Zealand to LA in 2009.  A little 7,000-nautical mile delivery jaunt!  I had met Jessica Watson in Sydney as I flew thru there to pick up Linda (one of my crew) for the delivery and we had a lunch with her.  I’d offered a spot with us to crew which she accepted but then destiny brought her S&S 34 to bear from Don McIntyre so her priorities thus quickly shifted!

…Anyway, below is the sexy “Ragtime” some ‘eye-candy’ with “Cheyanne”, the catamaran that at one time held the Jules Verne Trophy and will now ferry the sub to the Mariana Trench.  Good luck Chris ; – )


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