Mono-One-Design Sparkman & Stephens 34 race:

I first presented the idea to the S&S 34 Association in 2000 when I briefly owned my first S&S 34 “Stray Bit”.  However financial difficulties dictated I sell her.  Now that I’m in better shape and own my new S&S 34 “Gitano”  ten years later, I am re-implementing the idea for the most affordable around the race that exists.  It would be the first ‘One-Design Nonstop’ around the world race aboard the world’s most reliable and affordable offshore design – the Sparkman & Stephens S&S 34!

The design debuted in 1969 when Bristish Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath won the Sydney Hobart Race.  She then went on to became the first yacht to ‘double-circumnavigate’ the world nonstop with Australian Jon Sanders in 1982.  In later years, Australian David Dicks, Jesse Martin and Jessica Watson all sailed youngest nonstop solo circumnavigations aboard their own S&S 34’s!

THE S&S 34:  The Weapon of Choice
Indeed the idea stems from the desire for the most affordable and level battle-field possible on the round the world circuit via the Southern Ocean and great capes.  There is no other choice of yacht with such a comparable record of safety in these seas…
The start / host port of the MOD 34 will be announced shortly!  There are NO rules other than you must own an S&S 34!
PS:  The idea for a ‘mini’ around the world race still exists as well in the form of ‘The Race 650’. This is something possible in the years ahead but perhaps also in a one-design series class format.  Races and ideas come and go but ‘more affordable’ events need to be floated to gauge potential interest.  The Mini Transat itself began as just such a desire for a more affordable event for the sailors not sponsored by million dollar backers  but wanting to race across the oceans nonetheless…ironicaly a nonstop ‘LAP’ without pit-stops in exotic locales would be far cheaper.  They’re aren’t many taverns in the Southern Ocean ; – )
– bj caldwell
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