1st MOD 34 entry’s? (‘An Italian Affair’)

Just days after the re-announcement of the MOD 34 Race 2013 idea comes an email from the new Italian owner of the S&S 34 “Morning Series” – a UK sister-ship of “Gitano” who is interested in helping gauge the level of interest in the UK fleet of S&S 34’s.  A potential challenger?  Ironically, that comes a day after an undisclosed party that will buy an S&S 34 – who is interested (and ALSO Italian)…Here is the blog link of the potential Italian entry and owner of “Morning Series”:  http://www.morningseries.blogspot.com/


Jen Edney!


Professional sailing photographer Jen Edney:  www.jenedney.com to crew with me on my next yacht delivery this June 1st from Hawaii to Seattle!  Should be awesome to see her work and learn a few tricks ; – )


Mono-One-Design Sparkman & Stephens 34 race:

I first presented the idea to the S&S 34 Association in 2000 when I briefly owned my first S&S 34 “Stray Bit”.  However financial difficulties dictated I sell her.  Now that I’m in better shape and own my new S&S 34 “Gitano”  ten years later, I am re-implementing the idea for the most affordable around the race that exists.  It would be the first ‘One-Design Nonstop’ around the world race aboard the world’s most reliable and affordable offshore design – the Sparkman & Stephens S&S 34!

The design debuted in 1969 when Bristish Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath won the Sydney Hobart Race.  She then went on to became the first yacht to ‘double-circumnavigate’ the world nonstop with Australian Jon Sanders in 1982.  In later years, Australian David Dicks, Jesse Martin and Jessica Watson all sailed youngest nonstop solo circumnavigations aboard their own S&S 34’s!

THE S&S 34:  The Weapon of Choice
Indeed the idea stems from the desire for the most affordable and level battle-field possible on the round the world circuit via the Southern Ocean and great capes.  There is no other choice of yacht with such a comparable record of safety in these seas…
The start / host port of the MOD 34 will be announced shortly!  There are NO rules other than you must own an S&S 34!
PS:  The idea for a ‘mini’ around the world race still exists as well in the form of ‘The Race 650’. This is something possible in the years ahead but perhaps also in a one-design series class format.  Races and ideas come and go but ‘more affordable’ events need to be floated to gauge potential interest.  The Mini Transat itself began as just such a desire for a more affordable event for the sailors not sponsored by million dollar backers  but wanting to race across the oceans nonetheless…ironicaly a nonstop ‘LAP’ without pit-stops in exotic locales would be far cheaper.  They’re aren’t many taverns in the Southern Ocean ; – )
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Sydney Hobart Race 2011

It’s shaping up to be what will be a very interesting Hobart Race !  On what will be my 4th, I will sail once more with with Jon Sanders aboard his S&S 39 ‘Perie Banou 2’.  We hope to improve upon our recent 4th places in both the 2009 Hobart and more recently in the Cape to Rio ’11.  I aspire for a 2nd Sydney Hobart win to make for a 50% victory ratio!

On another note – Jessica Watson (for anyone living in a cave is the current youngest solo circumnavigator) will race with a team aboard a Sydney 38 to become the new ‘youngest team to compete’!

We’ll see if they also manage to break Liz Wardley’s record when my then 20-year old Australian Skipper’s crew became the ‘youngest-team to win’ in 1999! Liz also became the 1st woman to win a division of the Hobart race to boot…

And lastly, the massive 100+ft American ‘Rambler’ (ex-Speedboat) will battle the defending line-honor champion ‘Wild Oats’ to Tasmania, it should be a real spectacle!  …I can’t wait for ‘Boxing Day’ as usual ; – )


Back in Bundaberg, Australia. ISIS my trusty and need I say VERY lucky girl is unscathed save for a scratch! Unbelievable and surreal. The stories will follow in the months to come – they are simply too much for me to absorb in one go. But another big thank you is in order for Linda Pasquariello, Richard and Maree Staiton and Ray of MidTown Marinas and his son. Without all of them – ISIS would be another casuality of the floods no doubt.

Now, she might sell to pay for my debt in allocating my ‘new’ base – the S&S 34 ‘Gitano’ currently waiting for me in Seattle.

ISIS has been imported into Australia. More info on the boat here: ISIS