>RUS 808 to HI 808


Dear Brian!
“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
May I wish you every success everywhere in the New Year!”
Best regards,

A Merry Christmas to you too Alexei! If you think you’re hard-core – you should have met this Russian I met in Plymouth, England the year before last on my mini. He’d sailed via the Arctic Circle on a steel Dragon converted for solo sailing. He was dismasted en-route to the US after the ‘Jester Challenge Race’ and spent 40-days under jury rig. He reached America and then sailed across the North Atlantic back to Russia! Note in the picture his white hull behind my mini 433!

I’ll never forget showing him to a nearby liquor store so he could find smoke and he has called me his ‘angel’ ever since! I also got his music working on his computer donated to him and he then Russian folk music was playing over a bottle of Vodka in the Royal Plymouth Yacht Club! I remember a story as he was stuck fighting a current for a day in the fjords of Norway and he did a tack in toward shore and a naked woman was diving off the dock for a swim and he thought he’d seen a mermaid ; – )

Coming from someone that drew his own 3-D charts, spliced his own wire rigging himself, had a basket of potatoes in the bilge as his staple, should i continue?! I salute you Alexei as one of the few ‘Iron-sailors’ from the ‘Great-Age-of Sail’, you were born a hundred years too late!

PS: Thank you for the picture of me and Linda in Plymouth going to check email with a jury jug in hand ; – ) Maybe we can sail together soon!


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