>The half-way mark


Figured out how to work this little technical wonder the ‘FLIP’ video camera – a small clip after rounding the west side of Oahu on the last yacht delivery in October with a nice look at the ‘Monitor wind-vane working it’s magic – more videos soon ; – )

Dorothy’s no place like home ending is all wrong – after a trip like that you can’t go home- stepping across the line into OZ transformed her into a seeker of the wider world as all good voyages do – there’s no going ‘home’, we become the frontiers we cross.

– Salaman Rushdie

…My 35th birthday on the 17th – and I’m just getting warmed up ; – )

How far is it to sail around the world solo? What is the geographical distance? Or better, what is the distance to yourself? When does the dream overtake all other obstacles and take ownership of your identity and soul?

How do you discriminate against such a dangerous entity or a better question – should you bother?! If I lived by my belief that dream is religion, then no – I’d run with ‘it’ and abandon the trappings of the ‘real’ world ashore & the ‘status-quo’.

When did the status-quo become the ‘real’ world? Life came from the water and chaos – perhaps its actually the going ‘home’ part after a long journey that is the problem. You become your own experience and aspire to go further still…

Once the wool is pulled from your eyes and you run free – you’ll discover in some ways ‘ignorance WAS bliss’ as you might not ever return home or be slowed by thoughts of ‘security’ – because you’ve come to realize ‘security’ is the wool over your eyes a the trick, the WORLD is ‘home’ – when all we ever truly ‘own’ is now!

Throw caution to the wind and don’t look back upon a dream left to grow idle buried in the ‘dirt’ – to fester and later destroy.

-bj caldwell
San Francisco


3 thoughts on “>The half-way mark

  1. >Thanks to Mark (Salty Dog) drawing our attention here, I have really enjoyed your website, Brian!! Thanks for the wonderful videos (WOW!!!!) and great commentary! It look like we all missed your birthday . . . (if I read it right) on the 17th . . . at any rate, wishing you a belated one!!!Re: Richard's comment " . . . I can almost feel the motion." I can too, and I get very seasick without my Dramamine, but these videos are well worth taking the Dramamine or Bonine or some other Motion Sickness Remedy just so that I can really enjoy watching it and not having to "peek through my fingers" . . . which causes me to miss some of the action and feel the excitement these sailors are experiencing!! Great Stuff!!! Carol Florida U.S.A.

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