>S&S 34 part # 2


En-route to Los Angeles from Hawaii on a late season yacht delivery last October – we had decided it was better to do the delivery running late season-wise – because it would open up new a world of opportunities next year by freeing up that alloted time slot…

How true my instinct would prove. Arriving to LA my crew Linda Pasquariello happened upon the November edition of 48 North Magazine. Going thru the classified advertisements in front of ‘Whole Foods’ in Long Beach, eating a pizza (luxury) Linda says – “What – an S&S 34 for sale in Seattle!

She was determined to obtain the S&S for her own round the world voyage. As it turned out, another sebaticle on the road (a Latitude 38 magazine with advertisements in hand) with Korean Donald Kang ‘Tony’ led Linda to a Pearson 33 for less dollars which won out for her due to it’s superior price enabling her to buy a windvane, liferaft and solar panels in that order sooner – expediting the process of departure from (dirt) land – the most important part of the bargain for her!

…Thus a quicksilver flight from Tony’s home in San Francisco afterwards to the Seattle, Washington to have a look at the British built S&S 34 ‘Gitano’, hull No# 61 & the exact 9,100lb sistertship of Sir Edward Heath’s infamous ‘Morning Cloud’ – which obilterated the 1969 Sydney Hobart race fleet, winning the ‘Tattersalls Trophy’ for 1st overall that historic year of many ahead!

Mercer PR of Australia might prove to be the Ace in the deck of cards – however I have taken control of my own destiney. I have the true extension of myself to realize my ambition – multiple Sydney Hobart Races and to cruise in far flung locations such as Tasmania in relative comfort versus my ex-trust-worthy steed – the Albin Vega 27 “ISIS”.

She was a wonderfully faithfull girl but but something a touch larger that could go ‘ANYWHERE’ fit the bill pefectly…Hmmm, lets see – Jon Sanders, David Dicks (who broke my record), Jesse Martin (youngest unassisted – not out-right), and last (16-year-old Australian Jessica Watson whom set the absolute world record as the youngest solo circumnavigator) – all aboard the US designed Sparkman & Stephens 34 (the designer’s of 7 – America’s Cup Winners and the landing craft of Normandy in World 2 no less!

…To be continued!


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