Looking in the mirror for years at yourself – rather the ‘state’ of your dream – I have the infrastructure in place at this turning mark to realize my ambitions.

A two boat program for the years ahead in each global hemisphere. No more banging my head against the wall (note the included picture from the Louvre Museum in Paris ; – )

Now, I look forward to finally sailing in the down time of each circuit versus being ‘forced’ to cruise the South Pacific in the mean-time! The Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race every year and a rolling odometer of Mini Fastnet Races in the reciprocal northern hemisphere season – fits the bill perfectly.

‘A yacht menage-a-trois’ is every man’s dream & woman’s ; – )

Thank you to everyone in my team and one special Native American in particular – I look forward to the sorties to the front-lines in the months and years ahead!

-Bj Caldwell
San Francisco


>RUS 808 to HI 808


Dear Brian!
“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
May I wish you every success everywhere in the New Year!”
Best regards,

A Merry Christmas to you too Alexei! If you think you’re hard-core – you should have met this Russian I met in Plymouth, England the year before last on my mini. He’d sailed via the Arctic Circle on a steel Dragon converted for solo sailing. He was dismasted en-route to the US after the ‘Jester Challenge Race’ and spent 40-days under jury rig. He reached America and then sailed across the North Atlantic back to Russia! Note in the picture his white hull behind my mini 433!

I’ll never forget showing him to a nearby liquor store so he could find smoke and he has called me his ‘angel’ ever since! I also got his music working on his computer donated to him and he then Russian folk music was playing over a bottle of Vodka in the Royal Plymouth Yacht Club! I remember a story as he was stuck fighting a current for a day in the fjords of Norway and he did a tack in toward shore and a naked woman was diving off the dock for a swim and he thought he’d seen a mermaid ; – )

Coming from someone that drew his own 3-D charts, spliced his own wire rigging himself, had a basket of potatoes in the bilge as his staple, should i continue?! I salute you Alexei as one of the few ‘Iron-sailors’ from the ‘Great-Age-of Sail’, you were born a hundred years too late!

PS: Thank you for the picture of me and Linda in Plymouth going to check email with a jury jug in hand ; – ) Maybe we can sail together soon!

>Merry Christmas to everyone!


Nearly there…

20 Dec 2010

“All well. I am 25nm south of Cape Aghulas, most southerly point of Afrika. Wind 30 – 35kts E, running with 3 reefs main, means I will probably dock RCYC lunch time tomorrow Tues 21st December 2010 or soon after. 40 days sailing. Lots of ships. Regards.”

– Jon Sanders

Cape Town to Rio Race 2011 approaches with Jon Sanders on ‘Perie Banou 2’ arrived to the ‘Royal Cape Yacht Club’ to a heroe’s welcome on his 7th circumnavigation with 3-weeks to go before leaving for Brazil!

– Bj Caldwell


It’s not over till the fat lady sings! Although I currently have THREE boats – one in Australia, one in the US and one in France (I must be crazy), I will divorce myself from at least one of them – the ex-base the Vega 27 ISIS.

After I import her into Australia in the next two months, she will be for sale if anyone is interested. My new S&S 34 replaced her and as for my French ‘mistress’ the 2005 Transat 650 winning prototype – #433, you will still see a Transat 650 on the boards or two…who knows – maybe MORE ?!

So here’s to the this new decade of shifting-gears for the long road ahead!

>The half-way mark


Figured out how to work this little technical wonder the ‘FLIP’ video camera – a small clip after rounding the west side of Oahu on the last yacht delivery in October with a nice look at the ‘Monitor wind-vane working it’s magic – more videos soon ; – )

Dorothy’s no place like home ending is all wrong – after a trip like that you can’t go home- stepping across the line into OZ transformed her into a seeker of the wider world as all good voyages do – there’s no going ‘home’, we become the frontiers we cross.

– Salaman Rushdie

…My 35th birthday on the 17th – and I’m just getting warmed up ; – )

How far is it to sail around the world solo? What is the geographical distance? Or better, what is the distance to yourself? When does the dream overtake all other obstacles and take ownership of your identity and soul?

How do you discriminate against such a dangerous entity or a better question – should you bother?! If I lived by my belief that dream is religion, then no – I’d run with ‘it’ and abandon the trappings of the ‘real’ world ashore & the ‘status-quo’.

When did the status-quo become the ‘real’ world? Life came from the water and chaos – perhaps its actually the going ‘home’ part after a long journey that is the problem. You become your own experience and aspire to go further still…

Once the wool is pulled from your eyes and you run free – you’ll discover in some ways ‘ignorance WAS bliss’ as you might not ever return home or be slowed by thoughts of ‘security’ – because you’ve come to realize ‘security’ is the wool over your eyes a the trick, the WORLD is ‘home’ – when all we ever truly ‘own’ is now!

Throw caution to the wind and don’t look back upon a dream left to grow idle buried in the ‘dirt’ – to fester and later destroy.

-bj caldwell
San Francisco

>Ryan en-route!

A meander around a crew-site for a last minute crew-member to meet the insurance requirements of the owner enabled a then 16-year-old from the Pacific Northwest to join me and Linda for the delivery of ‘Yogurt-Cup’ Hunter to Hawaii ; – ) Another delivery from Hawaii to LA aboard the 68ft ‘Ragtime’ the following summer and then aboard the Columbia 50 this year enabled Ryan to notch up a few miles across the ‘pond’ avec moi ; – )

After meeting Jesse Martin who at one time had sailed around the world nonstop (and who I met at Jessica Watson’s arrival party) had asked if I knew of anyone to delivery his new Contessa 26 to Panama from Florida as he was busy with some filming in India. Note this is the same type of yacht aboard which I became the youngest @ in 1996! So Ryan is currently en-route, good luck mate and see you for a rum soon to hear the stories!