>Frozen North


Winter Wonder Land.

I awoke in the morning to look outside and the world had turned white on me……was this some dream? No the heavens had opened up and covered everything in soft white powder. A winter wonderland had landed on the dock and boat…..when you imagine a boat you think of aqua blue water, tropical breezes, palm trees and local island girls beckoning you ashore. So to see a boat covered in snow is a shock to the system.

Its beautiful to see the world covered in pure white snow. Especially when you have been living in the tropics for years. I have embraced the winter, it is rejuvenating, time to gather all your energy and forces, to be prepared for the next stage.

Slowly I gather my self together to get ready for the start of my next journey. I hope to encourage people to look after our oceans and all that lives in it. To stand up and say NO to all the governments and organisations that devour and rape our seas.

– by Linda P.


>S&S 34


A have acquired a 1970 British built S&S 34 ‘Gitano’ – Portuguese for ‘Gypsy’ in Seattle – to replace our ‘base’ – the Albin Vega 27 ‘ISIS’! She will enable entry to TransPac 2011, multiple Sydney Hobart Races (hopefully every year) and cruising in far flung locations such as Tasmania!