>30 X ‘Across the Pond’


The ‘yacht’ they filmed the latest installment of ‘Pirates of the Carrabean’ pulled into Ko’Olina Marina – a nice back-drop for my already abundant imagination…

Other-wise slogging it out on this now 30th trans-Pacific yacht delivery, this time from Hawaii to the US west coast. I should do it blind-folded on what is the equivalent of 75,000-nautical miles or three times around the world on this route alone!

Perhaps not something to brag about when I should be racing instead. Other than the fact that I have made a living doing what I love the most – THE ONLY thing I know how to do – sail.

I aspire to sail the second-half of my life much faster…as racing pushes you more of the time to ignore the sunset… To live in the moment versus languishing in my past of talcolm powder white beaches and turquoise waters in Fiji and French Polynesia!

If you CAN’T forget such perfection, then you’d might as well be distracted going fast instead! As ignorance and it’s associated bliss is a luxury I can ill afford – I lost that strategic option a long time ago!

…A coup as I depart tomorrow night to LA, that I happened upon none other than Jessica Watson’s book ‘True Spirit’ at the book-shop. And the only copy in the store or perhaps the whole island for that matter ; – ) Nice picture of me in Australia’s No#1 bestseller – thanks Jess, it all seems like yesterday! Good reading for 3am watches as I desperately miss all things Australian!



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