>100% self sufficient


And so it was another beautiful sail with my family while I’m visiting Hawaii. Home is where the heart lies thus Australia is ‘her’ for now!

…And an IMOCA Open 60 update before the upcoming ‘La Banque Postal Route du Rhum Race’ which I aspire to race one day in the not distant future. Below computer image illustrating the aft ‘hydro-generators aboard everyone’s dream boat – the VPLP designed IMOCA Open 60 ‘Safran’ (below). With solar, hydrogen, wind and hydro, a solo circumnavigation without burning any fossil fuels whatsoever isn’t just possible today but rather – its a performance enhancer by enabling weight reduction alone (diesel fuel = 7lb per gallon) With water-makers perfected, we only need a better fishing regime for food and a rum maker and we’d never have to come back to land/’dirt’ but stay at sea or in some secluded anchorage in the Tuamotus Islands forever!



>Sparks in the night sky at sea ~ an ember that could erupt into a raging inferno…

Renewed hope for a frontal assault – to re-approach the battle-field with a powerful new shore-side pit-crew for ‘the weapon’. ISIS 2 deserves the very best with numerous podiums under her garter belt!

She is an immensly high maintenance woman and deliverance back to her place on stage above the dance-floor is where she belongs in a cloud of sweat and spray – a siren-song dancing her way toward renewed victories on her race-course – the sea.

…Dawn of a new day at sea? Time will tell – as race parameters will be locked into place by a ‘presence’ beyond even her wildest dreams!

-bj caldwell

>History repeats itself


Laura Dekker is on the way and the first leg from Portugal is done and dusted! It brings back memories of when I was scrambling to finish in 1996 with 17-year-old Australian David Dicks catching me and 14-year-old Japanese Subaru Takahashi who’d become the youngest at the same time to cross ‘any’ ocean solo when he borrowed his dentist’s boat ‘Advantage’ to sail solo from Japan to San Francisco – history repeats itself!